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Points Of Interest In St. Thomas Ontario and Surrounding Area


We enjoy going on outdoor adventures and high lighting our community and points of interest that are loved by all who find the time to explore. Sometimes its hard to get out so we use our professional photography equipment to create 360° digital virtual tours so everyone can enjoy the sites even from there living room.



Fire stations are an iconic place where many of us as children aspire to live out a live long dream one day. Excitedly we enter the garage where the 4 currently in use fire trucks sit parked immaculately cleaned and effervescent in the bold fire engine red, we all know so well. Upon meeting the interim Fire Chief Kim Destun, she is immediately welcoming ready to assist us in any way she can. She has a more varied career past than what is typical of this industry. She initially went to school for law and security, but began her career in Animal Control. Next, she took as job as a Dispatcher which she held for 20 years, went on to Fire Prevention and from there holds her current position as Fire Chief.

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Veterans Memorial Gardens

The new Veterans Memorial Garden in St. Thomas was unveiled in October 2017 by the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. The Gardens brings together two memorials from other parts of the town, and also introduces a new sculpture. A stone walkway and gardens join all these memorials in an attractive setting. 

St Thomas Jumbo Memorial

Memorial Park

Jumbo Memorial

St. Thomas

The St. Thomas Parks & Gardens Trust erected a monument in St Thomas in memory of Jumbo the Circus Elephant.

Jumbo is remembered here as his final resting place near St. Catherine's Church. The giant elephant's name spawned the common word "jumbo," meaning large in size……

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A walk out on the pier over Lake Erie is definitely recommended if you're visiting Port Stanley, and something that residents here enjoy on a regular basis. Sunrise, sunsets, middle of the day, or even a stormy fall day; it's just a terrific place to be.

It's a delightful new pier and it just reopened in 2015 after being closed to the public for quite some time. Tragically in 1998, 3 young men died within days of each other and the public was banned from the site indefinitely. Central Elgin has since equipped numerous safety devices and blockades to help prevent any similar tragedy from happening in the future.

Originally built in 1911, the lighthouse is the second to be erected on the site. The lighthouse stands at west Port Stanley Harbour, in the village of Port Stanley on Lake Erie. To aid access and navigation into the Harbour, there is also an east breakwater lighthouse and a light tower on the pier.




What is an elevated park? Simply put, it’s a park in the sky, some 95 feet over the Kettle Creek valley. The St. Thomas, Elevated is now Canada’s first and only, built by community solely through the efforts of volunteer efforts and community donations.

The Michigan Central Railroad Kettle Creek Bridge has stood at the western edge of the city since 1929, a recognized engineering phenomenon of its day which at its peak carried over 40 trains daily. It remains even today one of the most recognizable and archetypal structures in Southwestern Ontario.

Historical Point Of Interest



The Elgin County Courthouse was one of the first courthouses ever built in Ontario. A noteworthy historical landmark in St. Thomas, the facility was expanded in order to integrate the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice into one modern facility. The expanded courthouse, opened in March 2014, and was certified LEED Gold by the Canada Green Building Council. In 1853 the building, designed by Brantford architect John Turner, was the county seat for

the recently-created Elgin. In 1898, it was rebuilt after a fire. Its new embodiment, including two wings, was designed by self-taught St. Thomas architect Neil Darrach, whose other work included city hall and Wellington Street Public School. For over a hundred years, the St. Thomas Courthouse has been an important landmark in its city.  When the Elgin County Courthouse project was being developed, there

was general agreement that the building should be assimilated into the larger complex, rather than being made inessential. Key decisions concerning access and use ensured that the heritage courthouse would maintain its prime importance. Its front door continues to be the main entrance into the complex; its second-floor courtroom has been carefully restored to its original splendor. From stained glass to furniture to plaster and artwork, every aspect of the old building was meticulously restored, even as state-of the-art technology, security, and accessibility features were added: historical and modern, separate but indivisible. The new

building consolidates within one modern facility two previous courts in St.

Thomas: the Superior Court of Justice and the courts of the Ontario Court of Justice.

The facility and its people continue to embody the values that have

been instilled since it was first built in 1853 such as; earn the public’s

trust, solutions oriented, diversity and innovation to name a few.