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A walk out on the pier over Lake Erie is definitely recommended if you're visiting Port Stanley, and something that residents here enjoy on a regular basis. Sunrise, sunsets, middle of the day, or even a stormy fall day; it's just a terrific place to be.

It's a delightful new pier and it just reopened in 2015 after being closed to the public for quite some time. Tragically in 1998, 3 young men died within days of each other and the public was banned from the site indefinitely. Central Elgin has since equipped numerous safety devices and blockades to help prevent any similar tragedy from happening in the future.

Originally built in 1911, the lighthouse is the second to be erected on the site. The lighthouse stands at west Port Stanley Harbour, in the village of Port Stanley on Lake Erie. To aid access and navigation into the Harbour, there is also an east breakwater lighthouse and a light tower on the pier.

The Port Stanley Breakwater Lighthouse was built in response to the growing commercial activity on Lake Erie. The lighthouse and Port Stanley are directly associated with the expansion of shipping activities, and with the growing implication of the commercial fishery on Lake Erie, both of which became significant parts of the regional economy. Both of these industries depended on the guidance of the Port Stanley Breakwater Lighthouse.

For whatever adventure you decide to embark on; whether it be to visit one of the many reputable restaurants, stay at an air B n’ B or just day of sunbathing on the beach, the Port Stanley Pier should definitely be one of the many sites to visit with its impressive engineering and century old stories it holds within it’s structure.