Saint T Apparel

589 Talbot St,

St Thomas, ON

N5P 1C5

St T logo Saint Thomas Ontario

At first glance, Malichi Male may seem to be your average storefront owner, but don’t let his carefree spirit and cheerful persona fool you. He has ambition that rivals most and is the proud owner of 6 retail clothing stores, 3 of which are located here in St. Thomas on Talbot Street. Saint T Apparel features many popular sport brands for men and woman such as; Puma, Fila and Timberland. Not least of all this is where he showcases his own clothing brand line, using Jumbo the elephant as the logo and promotes apparel for men, women and a children’s clothing line. As well he has 3 other locations in Rodney, Aylmer and Ingersoll.

Malachi has moved several times in his life first being born in the village of Uganda, then to New York, then to Toronto, and his now current home of Saint Thomas with his wife (a life long friend) and their 10 foster children. When asked what his goal is as a parent, he responded he wants to teach them to have the ability to reach their full potential and he also proudly boasts they are his greatest accomplishment.

His impeccable work ethic led him early on into the world of entrepreneurship, first working at a Bingo Hall then onto hair cutting in high school. As if owning several retail clothing stores wasn’t impressive enough Malichi also owns and runs a barber shop at the rear of his 587 Talbot location and is an award-winning urban artist and quotes Akon as his most

influential music artist while pursuing his music career. A couple of his more recent releases feature songs such as; ‘St. Thomas Proud’ and ‘Choose you’.

His style of clothing selections can be seen reflected in his love of sports (basketball in high school) and favourite sports team, the Chicago bulls.

It is obvious that his work ethic is equally a reflection of his belief system when asked ‘What is your definition of happiness?’ he responds easily that it is to fulfill his purpose in life as well as helping others. He also has a great understanding of reciprocity when asked what his main lesson in life is that he has learned. He is a man without hobbies as he is already doing what he is most passionate about everyday of his life. Not too bad for someone who’s least favourite subject in school was Math.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

— Marc Anthony

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